You've completed installation!

Botzee is available in your workspace, so you can start playing right away!

Just /invite @Botzee to any channel or group, and you'll get some instructions on how to start your first game.

If you ever decide you don't need Botzee anymore, you can uninstall it from Slack.

I hope you enjoy using the app. Drop me a note by email or on Twitter with any questions, comments, or suggestions. You can also use the /botzee feedback command to send a note right from Slack.


Botzee is a rolling dice game that you play in Slack with your friends and coworkers.

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At the moment, Botzee is completely free. That may change in the future depending on demand and operating costs. If you'd like to support Botzee, you can buy me a coffee.

How Botzee Works

After you install Botzee, a new bot called @Botzee will join your workspace. You can invite @Botzee to any channel, group, or DM and by using a few simple commands your whole team can play the game. When you complete the installation and invite @Botzee to a channel, you'll get some more instructions on how to play.

Botzee is designed to add a little bit of fun to your Slack. It can be played at any speed, and hopefully is a good kind of occasional distraction. If you try Botzee and have any suggestions or just want to let me know how fun it's been, please send a note!

Installing the app will also add a slash command to your workspace. Using /botzee allows you to interact directly with Botzee for the following commands: status, help, and board (e.g., /botzee status). You can also use these commands without /botzee.

Help & Support

If you have any trouble with Botzee, would like to make a feature request, or have any general questions, comments, or concerns, please email me:

If you ever want Botzee to stop being a part of your workspace, you can uninstall the app though Slack. This will stop sending all information from your workspace to Botzee servers.

Privacy & Data Protection

No information collected through the use of the Botzee app is ever sold or shared.

As little personal information as possible is collected when you use Botzee – only what is needed to allow the app to work. This includes:

Due to the nature of building Slack apps, most information (messages, files, etc.) shared in channels or groups to which the Botzee bot user belongs may be visible to the Botzee servers. Only information that appears to be relevant to a Botzee game is ever intentionally processed or stored. Other information is discared as quickly as possible, but may be logged temporarily as part of system monitoring or maintanance.

Botzee does not retain any customer data, besides the game data it creates (which includes no identifiable information), and IDs and tokens provided by Slack (which themselves contain no identifiable information). Slack IDs are never resolved to any other form (handles, names, etc) and stored. Game data is stored indefinitely and is accessible only through Slack.

Botzee will remove customer data in accordance with GDPR, CCPA, and any other regulations that exist for users in the region they are located. Users can selectively delete their own data using commands within Slack.

All stored data, including the Slack access token, are protected by encryption at rest. All data transferred between Slack servers and Botzee servers is sent using secure HTTPS. Application data is retained in encrypted Amazon DynamoDB tables. Logs are maintained temporarily in Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

Neither this webpage nor the Botzee app use any third-party telemetry, tracking, or analytics services.